Thursday, December 18, 2008

How to Turn A Person into a Snowman

....with 5 rolls of toilet paper! LOL

We had our Christmas party at my job today. One of the contests was to wrap up your partner and turn the live person into a snowman. We got to use any props that we wanted, but only had 3 minutes to do it. Let me tell you.....If you ever do this the best way is to put a screwdriver into the roll then wrap. I had a hard time getting started as the paper kept ripping. We only got 3 minutes to finish. Now what saved me and my partner was the props. We had an apron, hat and broom. I used my circle punches to make the cheeks, and mouth. We rocked!!!! Plus we won!!!!!!!!!!! We each received 25.00 gift cards to Applebee's. How awesome is that. It was fun.

I glad I wrapped instead of being the snowman! Oh another prop I made was a carrot nose from orange felt. Just made a cone, sewed it up and attached elastic so I could put it on her face. Some of these people looked like mummy's not snowmen. Like I said it was fun!!! And you know last year I never would have done this. I always tried to keep a lower profile, because of my weight. Feeling better now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This last picture of a very good sport. He dressed up as Santa for us and gave out candy bags. Of course I gave mine away. Didn't want that on my desk!
And speaking about food......I was really good at the potluck. I brought my own salad, and had some of the creamy corn that I made, and a orange for lunch. I was a little miffed that someone came to my desk with food and wanted me to eat it. HELLO!!!!!! While most people are supportive of the newer me, some still don't get it.
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