Saturday, January 13, 2018

Beatles Puzzle, and the Snow is Back

My brother Tony gave me this 550 piece Beatles puzzle

for Christmas way back in 1990. I kept it safely stored away

as I knew one day I'd get around to having time to put it together. 

Another reason why I didn't want to tackle it.....there are many dark pieces. 

Just look at the box top. Me and hubby got the border put together, and

I have to be honest.....hubby is putting it together. I attempt to help here and 

there, but he has done most of the work. This was going to be our Winter months

project, but he says it is addictive, and he can't walk away from it. So I'm thinking it

most likely will be finished this weekend because......we got an ice/snow storm

yesterday. It went from 60 degrees in the morning to under freezing in the course of a few hours. 

It rained, then it turned to sleet, then it turned to snow. Skip will be plowing sometime this morning.

The good news it the storm is over now, but we are back to cold temps. Brrrrrr!!! 

And the puzzle will be glued together and framed after we.....correction....Skip is finished. 

Puzzling trails 

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