Monday, January 8, 2018

Mailable Monday #222

Okay now I'm laughing.....I'm looking at the Mailable Monday # 222, and

I'm thinking of an old TV program called Room 222. If you remember that show

too.....we are showing our age! LOL

Anyway getting back to the card. I made it with some new things, and

old things. 

The designer paper is 6x6, and I picked it up at Hobby Lobby on

Friday while shopping with my friend Betty. Its beautiful vintage looking

paper, so I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. You know me and vintage! 

and speaking of vintage.....

This vintage See-D's stamp set was made in 2005. Well it is maybe

not at vintage as Room 222, but it has also been in my drawer for quite awhile now. 

Well if I were to be honest this stamp set along with a bunch of others were

in a box in the storage space. Hubby found it when we were moving things

around getting the Christmas decorations out. I thought it was time to start using them

again so now they are resting nicely in a drawer next to my desk where I will 

have easy access to them. 

Happy Monday! 

Stamping trails

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