Friday, January 26, 2018

Valentine Flipbag for Kathleen

Here is the flip bag I made for Kathleen's swap. 

First time I ever used patterned paper to make a bag. 

This one is unique as it has three pockets in the front, 

then the main pocket, and last it has a stand attached to it. 

Here you can see the added stand which will allow the

bag to be displayed. 

This shows two of the front pockets. I added a paper gusset to allow

the pocket to expand to hold more goodies. 

I really like the third pocket. It also has a gusset, and a flip that

closes like a file folder. 

So I have to tell you a story.

Hubby wanted to take a walk yesterday afternoon. I didn't want

to as it was to cold. I did ask him to stop by the Red Box machine to

see if they had Geo Storm. So he comes back, and says they

didn't have that movie, but he found one I might like. 

Turns out he got War for the Planet of the Apes. I haven't seen that

one so I think okay, but then he lifts up a bunch of bananas that he was

holding behind his back. He can be so funny sometimes. 
Later today we are going to eat at Hot Head Burritos. It is a new place that
opened up here a few months ago. John has eaten there before and he said

the food is good. 

Happy Friday!

Stamping trails

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