Monday, January 22, 2018

Shaker Birthday Card for Emily

Here is the shaker card I made for Emily's birthday. 

She liked it. 

While fairly easy to make I made a royal

mess out of my craft room working on it. 

You see I had to pull out a few things, and find

a few things. The balloons were stamped/cut, then needed

to be ran through the Zyron machine to turn them into

stickers so I could stick them to the front of the shaker. 

I thought the small sticker maker that sits out all the time would work, but

the balloons were to big, which led me to hunt and dig for the next larger

Zyron. Next I had to get out the Fuse Tool, and all the things that go with that.
Next came the beads, and sequins. So my room exploded. Emily is worth the 
effort. We had a great time having an early dinner with her and her family
yesterday afternoon at Applebee's. 
Here is another view of the shaker. The card inside it is a gift card for

Bam bookstore in the mall. I put a piece of white cardstock behind the shaker

just so you can see it better. 
I'll be back tomorrow with some other things I've been working on.
Hopefully I'll be able to get to my desk after I get all the stuff put away. 
Maybe this is just a good time to go through everything and get better organized. 
Early Spring cleaning? Sure why not! 
Stamping trails

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