Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 

The holidays are over, but I still have some photos to share. 

Sarah had her tree trimmed with carousel ornaments. Of

course had to take a photo of the elephant. 

I'm thinking with the horns it's a ram? 

This will be the last year with her old tree. She 

found a 6 foot tall blue fir pre-lit tree at Gales that she

bought the day after Christmas. Got a good deal on it. 

So this one she will be donating to the Goodwill. 

Picture of me and the kids. 

John, and Emily. 

We all had dinner with Sarah and Jason on Saturday. Ordered

dinner, and watched movies. 

Driving over there we got caught in a snow band. Was coming down pretty good. 

Still beastly cold out!!!!! 

Little mouse made from a hershey kiss, oreo, and chocolate covered cherry. 

Emily's mom made them. Super cute. 

Good face shot of Bear. 

Good face shots of Bear, and hubby. 

and I was lucky enough to get one of Odie. 

Today we will be going to the movies with friends Betty, and Rick. 
Off to see Jumangi.
Hope everyone is enjoying the day, and looking forward to a bright new year! 
Stamping trails

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