Thursday, January 11, 2018

Love Day Valentine Armoire

This is a Valentine tag that I completed yesterday

for a swap. Stamp set by Julie Nutting called "Love Day'

The armoire is from Julie's Tag Pad. I just

cut open the doors to add an inside part. 

Here you can see that the doors open to show the greeting, and dress

on a hanger. 

and here is a close up view of the doll. I stamped the dress

twice so it could be popped over the base one. I wanted 

to give it a 3-d effect. 

Pretty warm here yesterday. Climbed up into the low 50's. 

Me and hubby took a walk around the lake. Didn't think I'd

be able to do that during the 2nd week of January. Going

to go again today as we are still having a warm up. 

Oh course being in the northeast it won't last. Suppose

to get rain on Friday that will turn to snow. Could get up to a 

foot. JOY!!!!! 

Stamping trails


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