Thursday, January 25, 2018

Funny thing about this Beatle Puzzle

Remember that puzzle we started right after New Year?

It was suppose to be our winter project. I lost interest

as it was pretty hard with all those black pieces. 

Hubby however was very diligent on completing it. 

This was 10 days ago. 

and this was 5 days ago. So do you see what the problem is? 

No it is not that we still have a few more months of winter, and the puzzle is finished. 

Guess again. 

A little piece of Paul's eye turned up missing. Gasp!!!!!

So we began the search. Went through everything, and anything

that was around the card table that the puzzle was on. No luck. 

The puzzle sat on the table for a few days, and hubby got tired of looking at it....

so by now I'm sure you have figured out what happened. Right? 

You guessed it....just as soon as he broke it apart and put it back in the box

he found the missing puzzle piece. It must have fell off the table then

bounced under the leg of the Nordictrack. He offered to put the 

puzzle back together again, but I just couldn't put him through that again. 

So I told him we can try again next winter. Sometimes you

just have to laugh at yourself! 

Still Puzzling 

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