Friday, July 22, 2016

Kid in a Candy Store

Me and hubby took a trip to Sweeties candy warehouse on Wednesday. 

It was our first time. What a fun place. Lots, and lots of candy. 

When you first go in. 

Cool old Ford truck filled with salt water taffy. 

I've never seen so many Pez dispensers in my life! They had a full wall of them.

My friend Marianne would have loved it since she collects them. 

They even had giant ones. 

Candy not the ones you use on cards. 

Misc candy dating back a bit! 

Haven't seen this a long time! 

or this one. 

Who wants a lolly? They have a lots of flavors. 

On the big rock candy mountain! 

Lots of candy cigarettes. Can't believe I ate these things as a kid. 

They tasted like chalk. 

Loved Boston Baked Beans candy.

Pure sugar but I liked this one too. 

Had to laugh at this one. Freeze dried ice-cream. 

Tons of the old time penny candies. 

Mini covered wagon filled with candy. 

Old time pop bottles....yes I'm from the east coast we say pop not soda! 
Since it was really hot we didn't buy chocolate as it would have

melted, but we did get a Mallo Cup to share. My friend Kat would have liked it. 

This package even had the rebate offers on a card inside. 

I did get a big bag of penny candy....which does not cost a penny it was

4.99 a pound. 

We will be going back again. Love to go there for Halloween or Easter they will

have the holiday candy out. 

They also have a ice cream shoppe, and mini putt golf. Again it was to hot to play

putt putt, but we will in the fall. 

Stamping trails

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